SmartFish App

We developed the SmartFish App to help anglers better manage their largemouth bass. 

In most lakes, largemouth bass must be harvested to maintain population balance and growth.  Anglers can use the SmartFish App to determine the relative weight, a performance metric used by all professional fishery managers, of bass they catch.  Harvest based on relative weight instead of length allows specific harvest of under-performing bass.

See real screenshots pictured below.

The SmartFish app computes relative weight for largemouth bass, a key metric used by fishery professionals to determine which fish to harvest. A data logging option is available that automatically saves catch and harvest data for later download and use in management strategies.

Visit to learn more. The SmartFish App is available on Google Play (SmartFish App) and at the App Store (SmartFish US).

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